Shaun of the Dead Review


Pegg and Frost. What first come to mind when u think of these two brilliant actors ?. Maybe you have never heard of these two guys before. If so where have you been!!! ??


Simon Pegg is obviously well known for his hilarious comedy show, Spaced in which he plays Tim Bisley, a middle aged man with a normal everyday life. He shares a flat with flat mate Daisy Steiner (Jessica Hynes). The comedy show also included Nick Frost who plays Mike Watt, a Man stuck in the world of combat and war constantly reminiscing about wars that he has never been in. This show sets the staple for a great movie 


In comes Edgar Wright, Director and Producer of big cult films such as Scott Pilgrim Vs the world and St Bernard’s Stately Homes. Wright also worked on Spaced with Pegg and Frost. Heading into 2004 the trio began writing there first big film. Shaun of the Dead. Now a cult classic we look back at what made this film such a hit.


Shaun (pegg) is a middle aged man. He hold a simple job at a Tv and Hardware store. He lives with his partner in crime Edgar (frost) and has a daily routine which always ends up taking him to his favorite pub, “The Winchester”. Liz is Shauns loyal and forgiving girlfriend, sadly she has had enough of the daily routine that takes her and shaun to the same pub day after day. So the movie begins on a typically british note. Shaun loses his girlfriend receives no respect from his colleges at work and plods along everyday life not really aspiring to be anything. That is of course until his world is turned on its head. A zombie apocalypse has come to London and at first Shaun doesn’t seem at all fazed with it. In fact he gets up to go to work and heads to the shop for a cornetto for Ed not realising that the world around him has altered dramatically. So Things are not going well for shaun. Yet he doesn’t know it.


However the time has come for shaun to prove his worth. Armed with a Cricket Bat and with Ed by his side, shaun goes out of his way to defeat the odds and survive a zombie apocalypse, in the process shaun must save and Escort    his Ex girlfriend and rescue his mother and the step-father he hates to a safe place choosing the only place he knows. The Winchester. But as serious as this all sounds Wright, Pegg and Frost have managed to create the apocalypse style genre with an outright laughable british sense of humour. Built from the ground up this film has signs of dramatic improvement from Pegg An frost in their acting ability. Its certainly a film that will have you laughing right until the very end. After all its only A zombie apocalypse.


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