The Wolverine Review


The Wolverine is the latest hit cult film brought from the X men series. Wolverine is probably one of the most inspired characters from the series, and this is why there have been so many films about him. Hugh Jackman has portrayed the clawed hero for many years.  Now at his acting peak we believe that this film is not only the best action packed Wolverine film that he has been in we also think that it is his best acting performance so far as The Wolverine. You get the sense of depth in his acting and you really begin to understand the origins of him.


The latest film is set back in japan at the time of the nagasaki Bomb drop which killed hundreds of thousands of japanese citizens as well many POWs. Wolverine has been held captive in the POW camp for sometime. But when the bomb is dropped he is set free by a guard and in return saves the guards life. He then awakes. It was all a dream in front of him is his loving companion, “was it all a dream?” he asks. They hug. As they hug wolverine realises that his claws have pierced his companions stomach and she is bleeding. He screams for help. Then suddenly he awakes. He was in a dream within a dream. This is when we realise that wolverine is homeless, running and alone. He has left everything behind. His life has been absorbed by drink and a life of love and loss. Its only when a young red haired japanese girl steps in that his life takes a turn. She tells him that the man he saved in the POW camp all those years ago was still alive but was dieing. He wants to see Logan (Hugh Jackman) before he dies. This takes him on a journey that will rekindle his spirits and make him fight with his biggest fears and frightening past.


The story is one of woes but as though it seems it. it is not a love film. Its an action film full of blood, gore and some of the best fight scenes in any wolverine film we have seen in a long while.

Its definitely a return to form for X men based cinema. Watch it and see what we mean. We guarantee that you won’t regret it.



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