Scott Pilgrim Vs The World


Scott Pilgrim VS The World is a fictional comedy written by writer Edgar Wright. It stars Michael Cera as Scott Pilgrim, A 20 something young man with no aspirations, a mediocre love life and lives in a studio flat with his gay friend Wallace. Scotts life is as it should be. He’s in his own band (sex-bom-omb) with his friend and main talent Steven and his ex girlfriend, Kim, as the drummer. Scotts love life isn’t exactly great, He is trying to get over from his ex-girlfriend, Envy, he does this by dating a 17 year old catholic chinese girl called Knives Chau (really he should have just booked an Escort). The film takes Scott on a journey that will test him and make him release he is more than he really is. While dating Knifes he meets Ramona. Ramona is hard to get and thats what drags scott in. He loses all care for knives as he falls madly in love with ramona.


What scott does not release though is that Ramona has a tattered past, she has many Ex partners and for Scott to be with ramona he has to do one thing. He has to defeat Ramona’s Seven 7 evil Exes. A task that as it turns out is harder than he thinks. Defeating them one by one Scott trys to prove to ramona that he is worth it. Its not easy though. He must fight hard and at times he requires help from Ramona and his band to defeat them all.


The film isn’t your average film as it has many unique parts to it. The main theme is that of a computer game which is drafted in to the film extremely well. From small things like coins for defeating the Exes to full on fights with swords and monsters. The film has it all.


Without spoiling the film too much we recommend picking this up and watching it, The film is pleasantly surprising and has many great signature moments in the film. All we say is watch it and enjoy it.


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