This Is The End

this is

Remember Pineapple Express ?

I think we all can remember the outrageous american comedy that stars, the likes of James Franco, Seth Rogan, Danny Mcbride and Craig Robinson. Well they are back. Only they are not. This time they play as themselves in the funniest comedy of the year, This Is The End.

this is 4

This Is The End is the classic apocalypse film doused with plenty laugh-out loud comedy. Starring other stars such as Michael Cera, Jonah Hill, Emma Watson and even Rihanna this bizarre comedy is a totally different outlook on the apocalypse film genre.

this is 5

Faced with the End of The World our main characters assume that because they are huge stars they will get rescued so grabbing what supplies they can they stay indoors boarding themselves up and passing the time by making their own version of Pineapple Express 2. After a while though things change, they realise they have most likely been forgotten and then realise they have only a bottle of water, drugs, a milky way and other small items of irrelevant use. It gets worse when Emma Watson Breaks in threatens them all and takes all of their supplies. This amongst other shenanigans makes this film a one off laugh-out-loud comedy/apocalypse/survival film. The plot is well designed and hits the right chords at the right time and the acting is pure gold. I truly Believe that with the added extra of some nice looking girls this film is actual a great film to go and watch.

this is 3

The way that the directors have planned this is so that at first you see the stars playing as over exaggerated personas of themselves. This we think is clever in that no other film has really done this before. The film carries on in the same fashion and creates laughable scenarios along the way.

this is2

Although it seems it this film isn’t so much of a spoof. Its got seriousness to it and underpinned loyalty to the fans of films like Pineapple express. All we would say is don’t be expecting a Pineapple Express 2 style film. We always thought it would be hard to create a follow up to that film but with This Is The End they have most definitely surpassed pineapple express in terms of funniness.

Go Watch this film we guarantee that you will not regret it.


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