Steve Jobs was one of the most well known and successful computer engineers of the 21st century.  His work created a war between his company (Apple) and Microsoft. His work also generated some firsts in technology such as the Ipod which has now become its own selling point and The Macintosh computer.


Jobs is a film about steve Jobs life. It celebrates everything that was great about him but also brings out the things that people hated him for. The film starts at the beginning by introducing you to the reason behind Steve’s love for computers and why he wanted to make the computer more of a way of life. The film goes on to showcase the first macintosh computer, the first Ipod and the first Iphone, along with many other technical innovations It ends by celebrating his death when steve sadly passed away in 2011.


Steve Jobs is played by Ashton Kutcher who is widely known for his roles in The Butterfly Effect, Cheaper By The Dozen and Dude Wheres My Car??. Although it seems like Ashton is very much a young and juvenile actor he plays the role of Jobs perfectly well. He is hyper when he needs to be and calm and focused when the right time arrives. There are points in the film when his acting really brings home to feeling of Steve jobs. However, Co-founder Steve Wozniak states that the film is very inaccurate and that the film escorts people the wrong way into thinking that Steve was not as go getting in the early stages of of his life. Wozniak says that although he didn’t know jobs for a quite a few years, when he did meet him it was a realisation.


The film is standard length and its most definitely a brilliant watch. We admit there probably some hollywood embellishments but at the end of the day that can only make things a little more exciting.

Go watch this brilliant Film.





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