Alpha Papa Review


Steve Coogan is Alan Partridge, a 55 year old afternoon DJ from Norfolk. Famously Steves portrayal of Alan is TV gold and his TV show has gone on now for quite a few years now generating a large fanbase along the way. His witty satire and cringe worthy lines make for great for TV viewing but we could safely say that you wouldn’t be able to transfer the buzz he creates over to the big screen. Thats why for Steves first feature film as Alan Partridge the plot has been made alot bigger and a lot more action packed.


Alpha Papa is his first foray into Film as Alan and the story is big. Alan is as usual presenting on his radio show when his mid morning slot is rudely interrupted by the resident late night DJ, Pat Farrell, who in return for hijacking his show is sacked by the new bosses of North Norfolk Radio. After he is given an escort out of the building Pat heads home and come back to the station armed with a shotgun and takes hostage of the station directly in the middle of Alans Broadcast. His only reasoning will be with Alan as Pat becomes confused and upset. The film builds on the good old Hostage takeover but with Partridge being the main hero.


There are some classic Alan Partridge moments in this film such as Alan driving in his Branded Kia singing Roachfords, Feel for me Baby or being on air and asking his views what kind of mounger is the worst ? “Iron, Fish, Rumour, War”. The film isn’t a complete TV to big screen triumph, there are points in which the film seems very unbelievable and at times it feels as though the plot gets left behind to focus on partridge.


The main issue is of course that this is originally a TV show with a TV audience and with that comes a TV humour. TV humour we find does not go down massively well in a cinema audience because you can only take so much of it. Thats why most TV shows are only 30 minutes to an hour.

All in all though the film does achieve what it aimed for and for that we commend the film-makers.

Watchable and at times quite funny, we recommend you go watch it.




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