Kick Ass Film Review


Kick-ass is a Film released in 2010. Starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Christopher Mintz-Plasse and a surprise appearance from Nicolas Cage as Big Daddy.   


The film is about Dave Lizewski who is a young teenage body with a crush on Katie Deauxma. His crush doesn’t notice him at all and its only when Dave decides to change his life and become a superhero that things begin to change. First of though its not easy, His first battle against crime puts him up against to guys who are trying to steal a car. It doesn’t end well. He gets stabbed and beaten and ends up having to go to hospital where he is given surgery. After this first attempt Katie begins to notice him. A week after his first heroic deed he helps a man who is in need of help. The man is being chased down by teenagers and when Dave confronts them as Kick-ass they begin to film. This in turn makes him famous and he begins to create a following. Meanwhile gang boss Frank D’Amico has been tracking dave and his antics. He believes that Dave has interrupted his criminal doings. The plot unfolds and the story becomes entangled in a world of crime that will only escort them further and further into danger, Question is can dave hold up and defeat the odds and win katie for himself ?? 


The film has some brilliant acting and some of the best fight scenes we have seen. We actually believe that this film is on par with the likes of Scott Pilgrim Vs the world. The fight scenes seem to go out of reality and it seems to take the film on a whole new level. With Kick-Ass 2 ready for release very soon and with even more action and superheros involved we look forward to its release. Watch the film and enjoy the fighting. Its sure to Kick-Ass



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