“Thor” Review !!!Warning Spoilers!!!


Odin, Loki, Thor These name are of course part of the Viking mythology. The Vikings believed that for each act on earth there was a god responsible for it.


For years Thor has also been the main character in many marvel comics, bringing what was once a myth to the 21st century and making him into a superhero. Odin his father and Loki his step-brother are also in many of the comics. It was only a matter of time then before Thor or Loki would get there own role in a Marvel Movie.


Thor was the chosen God for there film. The God of Thunder is played by Chris Hemsworth who is obviously well known for his roles in the first Star Trek Film and before that he was a regular face on hit tv show, Home and Away. However despite his previous roles his acting in Thor is Pure brilliance. He manages to bring the character to life with so much ease, and despite being from australia he pulls of the british accent with ease. The fighting scenes are the stand out point for this film as they are truly awesome, the CGI brings its all to live. Thors Hammer plays a vital role in this film as its Thors strongest Asset. And at the beginning of the film you see why. When battling the ice giants he practically walks round them knocking each one to the ground.


The story of Thor though is much deeper. At points you really feel for him when he loses his powers and is banished from his realm. He is sent to earth where he arrives only to be hit by a car driven by Jade Foster (Natalie Portman). The film really kick starts when jade and her scientific companions discover that they actually hit What they believe to be Thor. The journey takes them to new heights and at the end of the film Jade, who has long believed in life on other planets, gets the chance to discover a whole new realm of the universe. In the midst of all of this storyline there is another storyline. Loki, son of Odin and brother to thor, becomes increasingly jealous before Thor is banished and forces thor to commit an act that would mean certain banishment. After Thor is banished from his realm Loki does all he can to become the next King to the throne. There is only one problem. Loki is infact son of the king of the ice giants, adopted by Odin after the last great war. Having Loki as king would mean (in Odin’s eyes) that there would be peace throughout the galaxy. However, when Loki discovers that he is infact Ice Giant descendant he loses it and instead plans to rule the galaxy by bringing Ice giants into Odin’s realm to kill him as he sleeps. Its up to Thor, with the help of jade, to get back to the realm to defeat the ice giants and banish Loki from the Realm.


We highly recommend this film and with the second one due for release very soon we expect that there will be very much the same enjoyable experience.


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