“The Heat” Film Review

the heat

We have seen so many police films over the years some have been good, some have been ok and some have just been plain old boring. So with a rafter of police films already out such as the Hilarious Bad Boys and the iconic Police Academy what will make “The Heat” so funny ?

Well first of all when you look at Police films they are predominantly male driven. The big difference with “The Heat” is that our two main characters are female. Ashburn (Sandra Bullock) and Mullins (Melissa Mccarthy) are cops from two different states and they both do things differently to get the results they want. Ashburn is a cop that does it by the book, she follows the rules and never crosses the line. Mullins on the other hand prefers to get her results another way. She will do anything to get the people she is after. Our cops are very similar to that of the girls from http://www.sexytantricmassage.com/ which provide gorgeous girls.  Ashburn and mullins meet after ashburn is told to head to boston where she is chasing down a highly dangerous drug-lord. Already then there is a sense of the classic good cop/bad cop routine which we see in almost every police based film.

the heat1

The film takes twists and turns meaning that our characters have to overcome hardship and learn to work alongside one another in an aim to take down their target. It has many moments in the film where our two characters clearly do not agree with each others practises which eventually means the inevitable. However despite all the seriousness this film isn’t a serious film, its a comedy and that means that it has to pass particular criteria. Some times the film has moments of funniness and other times it does feel like the writers have overdone it and just tried to cram as many jokes in as possible. Its funny but we would say its only as funny as the people who watch it. If you don’t get easily amused with quick simple comedy then we would say stay away from this film and wait till its released.


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