Django Unchained Review


Tarantino is a well heard name in the movie business. Hes created some of the great film masterpieces that have set his work aside from other peoples. Pulp Fiction, Resevoir Dogs, Kill Bill, Death Proof and Inglourious Basterds are all medals which Quentin wears on his sleeve proudly. So what next ? Maybe a new Kill Bill or another Pulp Fiction Esque story that twists and turns and only really makes sense at the end.


Actually all our guesses of what Tarantino’s next venture would be were wrong. Instead he adopted for a film idea that takes us back, Back to the 1800s when black slavery was at its peak and White folk used black folk for pretty much everything. With this 1800s ideology Tarantino has created a somewhat serious film mixed with the odd streak of comedy and a brilliant soundtrack that doesn’t essentially tie in with the time period but somehow works wonders. Django Unchained is all about the story of Django (Jamie Foxx) , A slave who is freed by a german Compatriot named Dr. King Schultz (Christoper Waltz). Schultz acts as a dentist however his true job is infact a Bounty Hunter, a job which in the 1800s was a highly regarded but highly paid professional service just like the highly professional service the Elite Mk Companions provide at He frees Django and brings him along hoping that Django will help him find the next bounty that he is after. However after learning of Djangos tail he decides to help him and they begin a tail that is purely brilliant. The film itself is not hard to follow, In fact the story is one of the easiest story’s to follow that tarantino has made. This does mean though that the acting required needs to be completely believeable. Tarantinos casting team have done an amazing job providing the best cast possible. With Jamie foxx, Christoper Waltz, Leonardo diCaprio and Samuel L. Jackson just to name but a few.


The story of Django is entirely believable although some of the gore and blood is slightly over embellished even for a tarantino film. But look past h to fight for his cause. The film does generate some laughs such as the scene in which the KKK are ready to attack this and its gritty, real and simple story puts you on the same level as Django and makes you feel as though you wisScholtz and Django but the holes in there hoods mean that they cannot see what they are doing or where they are going, resulting in a hilarious argument which also includes Jonah Hill (This is the End).


The only bad point we can see in this film is that the over embellishment in blood does slightly overkill some of the scenes making the film seem a little over done. However put this aside and the acting, scenery, set design, clothing design and music makes this film a pure tarantino classic that will surely stand up with Pulp fiction and Reservoir dogs as one of the Greats in film making.



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