Lucky Number Slevin “Spoiler Alert”!!


Its about time we did a review on one of the best films to come out of cinema in the last 10 years. Now 7 years old Lucky Number Slevin has taken a low cult status by many film goers and movie nuts. Its well known and appreciated but for some reason it isn’t a well known film though out the public domain.


So for those of you don’t know this cult classic heres a review that you can really sink your teeth into.


Lucky Number Slevin is a Gritty, Noir style film with a plot that will play with your mind on first viewing. It leaves you needing to work out exactly whats going as the film is still moving. Its a clever idea that plays well into the hands of the directors. By confusing the audience with quick dialog and seamless acting performances from a star studded cast. Josh Hartnett is Slevin Kelevra, a young guy who ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time (or so we are led to believe) along with Mr Goodkat (Bruce Willis), The Boss (Morgan Freeman), The Rabbi (Ben Kingsley) and Brikowski (Stanley Tucci) the audience is taken on a deceptive ride through the world of criminal organisation. The Boss and The Rabbi are both fierce enemy‘s who (weirdly) live across the street from one another. They never leave there respective houses in fear of the other man doing something to him and so the film plot is set. The bosses son is gunned down and Mr Goodkat is called in from retirement by The Boss to help get back at the Rabbi. Around the same time Slevin, who is still trying to figure out what is going on is told by The Boss and the Rabbi the he owes them money. The Rabbi wants the money where as The boss could use Slevin as collateral damage to help Mr Goodkat in his venture. Meanwhile Brikowski, who is the head of the Chicago police department, has noticed the arrival of some old faces and wants to know what is going on. Little do they all know that Slevin and Goodkat are in fact working in tandem to get back at The Boss, The Rabbi and Brikowski for killing Slevins parents. The way the film goes about the story is brilliant and Paul Mcguigan has crafted a beutiful story into a beautiful piece of film noir cinema.


We can assure you that, Like dating a Escort from, you will not be disappointed by the 1st class service that this film gives you.

A must see.

Also just to add, This film has one of the best ending soundtracks to any film ever in our opinion




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