Top Gear Series 20 Review

top gear1

Well series 20 of british motoring show “Top Gear” is over. Hear a Movie Squire we wouldn’t normally do a review on a TV show but as this is the 20th Series for a motoring show that has grown into one of the most well known shows in the world it seems only right to celebrate a little and congratulate Jeremy, Richard and James on a fine series of shows that have created quite possibly some of the best moments in british TV.

top gear

Series 20 has been a brilliant series with many moments to laugh at. We admit some scenes are obviously scripted, but we love the fact that even the Presenters know this and just go along with it. In turn when something genuinely unscripted happens you can tell on their faces that it wasn’t planned, Much like their trip to the USA where they were chased by a group of angry southern americans for the slogans they had on there car. 

So whats happened in this series ? 

top gear3

Well they have created a unique Hover Van which was built to tackle the impending doom of flooding in the floodplains of the UK. Despite crashing into a bush and getting stuck and then getting stuck in a canal it actually was a great success and for anyone who is an avid Top Gear Nut you will know that there ideas are usually ambitious but rubbish, So to achieve something and have it actually work is quite an achievement. Other events included James May taking a London Bus through the town of somerset, May and Clarkson Racing each other to the tip of new zealand and Hammond conducting yet another ambitious stab at motoracing by introducing Taxi Racing to see which taxi is the best in the world. The series has been a huge success and in our opinion it could only be made more memorable by booking a beautiful escort to watch it with by booking a girl from

Its been a great series full of the typical Top Gear Mishaps and great stars in the reasonably priced car. We hope that the next series will bring just as much laughs and mishaps as the series before it. Fingers crossed.

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