Top Gear Series 20 Review

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Well series 20 of british motoring show “Top Gear” is over. Hear a Movie Squire we wouldn’t normally do a review on a TV show but as this is the 20th Series for a motoring show that has grown into one of the most well known shows in the world it seems only right to celebrate a little and congratulate Jeremy, Richard and James on a fine series of shows that have created quite possibly some of the best moments in british TV.

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Series 20 has been a brilliant series with many moments to laugh at. We admit some scenes are obviously scripted, but we love the fact that even the Presenters know this and just go along with it. In turn when something genuinely unscripted happens you can tell on their faces that it wasn’t planned, Much like their trip to the USA where they were chased by a group of angry southern americans for the slogans they had on there car. 

So whats happened in this series ? 

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Well they have created a unique Hover Van which was built to tackle the impending doom of flooding in the floodplains of the UK. Despite crashing into a bush and getting stuck and then getting stuck in a canal it actually was a great success and for anyone who is an avid Top Gear Nut you will know that there ideas are usually ambitious but rubbish, So to achieve something and have it actually work is quite an achievement. Other events included James May taking a London Bus through the town of somerset, May and Clarkson Racing each other to the tip of new zealand and Hammond conducting yet another ambitious stab at motoracing by introducing Taxi Racing to see which taxi is the best in the world. The series has been a huge success and in our opinion it could only be made more memorable by booking a beautiful escort to watch it with by booking a girl from

Its been a great series full of the typical Top Gear Mishaps and great stars in the reasonably priced car. We hope that the next series will bring just as much laughs and mishaps as the series before it. Fingers crossed.

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Lucky Number Slevin “Spoiler Alert”!!


Its about time we did a review on one of the best films to come out of cinema in the last 10 years. Now 7 years old Lucky Number Slevin has taken a low cult status by many film goers and movie nuts. Its well known and appreciated but for some reason it isn’t a well known film though out the public domain.


So for those of you don’t know this cult classic heres a review that you can really sink your teeth into.


Lucky Number Slevin is a Gritty, Noir style film with a plot that will play with your mind on first viewing. It leaves you needing to work out exactly whats going as the film is still moving. Its a clever idea that plays well into the hands of the directors. By confusing the audience with quick dialog and seamless acting performances from a star studded cast. Josh Hartnett is Slevin Kelevra, a young guy who ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time (or so we are led to believe) along with Mr Goodkat (Bruce Willis), The Boss (Morgan Freeman), The Rabbi (Ben Kingsley) and Brikowski (Stanley Tucci) the audience is taken on a deceptive ride through the world of criminal organisation. The Boss and The Rabbi are both fierce enemy‘s who (weirdly) live across the street from one another. They never leave there respective houses in fear of the other man doing something to him and so the film plot is set. The bosses son is gunned down and Mr Goodkat is called in from retirement by The Boss to help get back at the Rabbi. Around the same time Slevin, who is still trying to figure out what is going on is told by The Boss and the Rabbi the he owes them money. The Rabbi wants the money where as The boss could use Slevin as collateral damage to help Mr Goodkat in his venture. Meanwhile Brikowski, who is the head of the Chicago police department, has noticed the arrival of some old faces and wants to know what is going on. Little do they all know that Slevin and Goodkat are in fact working in tandem to get back at The Boss, The Rabbi and Brikowski for killing Slevins parents. The way the film goes about the story is brilliant and Paul Mcguigan has crafted a beutiful story into a beautiful piece of film noir cinema.


We can assure you that, Like dating a Escort from, you will not be disappointed by the 1st class service that this film gives you.

A must see.

Also just to add, This film has one of the best ending soundtracks to any film ever in our opinion



Django Unchained Review


Tarantino is a well heard name in the movie business. Hes created some of the great film masterpieces that have set his work aside from other peoples. Pulp Fiction, Resevoir Dogs, Kill Bill, Death Proof and Inglourious Basterds are all medals which Quentin wears on his sleeve proudly. So what next ? Maybe a new Kill Bill or another Pulp Fiction Esque story that twists and turns and only really makes sense at the end.


Actually all our guesses of what Tarantino’s next venture would be were wrong. Instead he adopted for a film idea that takes us back, Back to the 1800s when black slavery was at its peak and White folk used black folk for pretty much everything. With this 1800s ideology Tarantino has created a somewhat serious film mixed with the odd streak of comedy and a brilliant soundtrack that doesn’t essentially tie in with the time period but somehow works wonders. Django Unchained is all about the story of Django (Jamie Foxx) , A slave who is freed by a german Compatriot named Dr. King Schultz (Christoper Waltz). Schultz acts as a dentist however his true job is infact a Bounty Hunter, a job which in the 1800s was a highly regarded but highly paid professional service just like the highly professional service the Elite Mk Companions provide at He frees Django and brings him along hoping that Django will help him find the next bounty that he is after. However after learning of Djangos tail he decides to help him and they begin a tail that is purely brilliant. The film itself is not hard to follow, In fact the story is one of the easiest story’s to follow that tarantino has made. This does mean though that the acting required needs to be completely believeable. Tarantinos casting team have done an amazing job providing the best cast possible. With Jamie foxx, Christoper Waltz, Leonardo diCaprio and Samuel L. Jackson just to name but a few.


The story of Django is entirely believable although some of the gore and blood is slightly over embellished even for a tarantino film. But look past h to fight for his cause. The film does generate some laughs such as the scene in which the KKK are ready to attack this and its gritty, real and simple story puts you on the same level as Django and makes you feel as though you wisScholtz and Django but the holes in there hoods mean that they cannot see what they are doing or where they are going, resulting in a hilarious argument which also includes Jonah Hill (This is the End).


The only bad point we can see in this film is that the over embellishment in blood does slightly overkill some of the scenes making the film seem a little over done. However put this aside and the acting, scenery, set design, clothing design and music makes this film a pure tarantino classic that will surely stand up with Pulp fiction and Reservoir dogs as one of the Greats in film making.


“The Heat” Film Review

the heat

We have seen so many police films over the years some have been good, some have been ok and some have just been plain old boring. So with a rafter of police films already out such as the Hilarious Bad Boys and the iconic Police Academy what will make “The Heat” so funny ?

Well first of all when you look at Police films they are predominantly male driven. The big difference with “The Heat” is that our two main characters are female. Ashburn (Sandra Bullock) and Mullins (Melissa Mccarthy) are cops from two different states and they both do things differently to get the results they want. Ashburn is a cop that does it by the book, she follows the rules and never crosses the line. Mullins on the other hand prefers to get her results another way. She will do anything to get the people she is after. Our cops are very similar to that of the girls from which provide gorgeous girls.  Ashburn and mullins meet after ashburn is told to head to boston where she is chasing down a highly dangerous drug-lord. Already then there is a sense of the classic good cop/bad cop routine which we see in almost every police based film.

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The film takes twists and turns meaning that our characters have to overcome hardship and learn to work alongside one another in an aim to take down their target. It has many moments in the film where our two characters clearly do not agree with each others practises which eventually means the inevitable. However despite all the seriousness this film isn’t a serious film, its a comedy and that means that it has to pass particular criteria. Some times the film has moments of funniness and other times it does feel like the writers have overdone it and just tried to cram as many jokes in as possible. Its funny but we would say its only as funny as the people who watch it. If you don’t get easily amused with quick simple comedy then we would say stay away from this film and wait till its released.

Kick Ass Film Review


Kick-ass is a Film released in 2010. Starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Christopher Mintz-Plasse and a surprise appearance from Nicolas Cage as Big Daddy.   


The film is about Dave Lizewski who is a young teenage body with a crush on Katie Deauxma. His crush doesn’t notice him at all and its only when Dave decides to change his life and become a superhero that things begin to change. First of though its not easy, His first battle against crime puts him up against to guys who are trying to steal a car. It doesn’t end well. He gets stabbed and beaten and ends up having to go to hospital where he is given surgery. After this first attempt Katie begins to notice him. A week after his first heroic deed he helps a man who is in need of help. The man is being chased down by teenagers and when Dave confronts them as Kick-ass they begin to film. This in turn makes him famous and he begins to create a following. Meanwhile gang boss Frank D’Amico has been tracking dave and his antics. He believes that Dave has interrupted his criminal doings. The plot unfolds and the story becomes entangled in a world of crime that will only escort them further and further into danger, Question is can dave hold up and defeat the odds and win katie for himself ?? 


The film has some brilliant acting and some of the best fight scenes we have seen. We actually believe that this film is on par with the likes of Scott Pilgrim Vs the world. The fight scenes seem to go out of reality and it seems to take the film on a whole new level. With Kick-Ass 2 ready for release very soon and with even more action and superheros involved we look forward to its release. Watch the film and enjoy the fighting. Its sure to Kick-Ass


Alpha Papa Review


Steve Coogan is Alan Partridge, a 55 year old afternoon DJ from Norfolk. Famously Steves portrayal of Alan is TV gold and his TV show has gone on now for quite a few years now generating a large fanbase along the way. His witty satire and cringe worthy lines make for great for TV viewing but we could safely say that you wouldn’t be able to transfer the buzz he creates over to the big screen. Thats why for Steves first feature film as Alan Partridge the plot has been made alot bigger and a lot more action packed.


Alpha Papa is his first foray into Film as Alan and the story is big. Alan is as usual presenting on his radio show when his mid morning slot is rudely interrupted by the resident late night DJ, Pat Farrell, who in return for hijacking his show is sacked by the new bosses of North Norfolk Radio. After he is given an escort out of the building Pat heads home and come back to the station armed with a shotgun and takes hostage of the station directly in the middle of Alans Broadcast. His only reasoning will be with Alan as Pat becomes confused and upset. The film builds on the good old Hostage takeover but with Partridge being the main hero.


There are some classic Alan Partridge moments in this film such as Alan driving in his Branded Kia singing Roachfords, Feel for me Baby or being on air and asking his views what kind of mounger is the worst ? “Iron, Fish, Rumour, War”. The film isn’t a complete TV to big screen triumph, there are points in which the film seems very unbelievable and at times it feels as though the plot gets left behind to focus on partridge.


The main issue is of course that this is originally a TV show with a TV audience and with that comes a TV humour. TV humour we find does not go down massively well in a cinema audience because you can only take so much of it. Thats why most TV shows are only 30 minutes to an hour.

All in all though the film does achieve what it aimed for and for that we commend the film-makers.

Watchable and at times quite funny, we recommend you go watch it.



“Thor” Review !!!Warning Spoilers!!!


Odin, Loki, Thor These name are of course part of the Viking mythology. The Vikings believed that for each act on earth there was a god responsible for it.


For years Thor has also been the main character in many marvel comics, bringing what was once a myth to the 21st century and making him into a superhero. Odin his father and Loki his step-brother are also in many of the comics. It was only a matter of time then before Thor or Loki would get there own role in a Marvel Movie.


Thor was the chosen God for there film. The God of Thunder is played by Chris Hemsworth who is obviously well known for his roles in the first Star Trek Film and before that he was a regular face on hit tv show, Home and Away. However despite his previous roles his acting in Thor is Pure brilliance. He manages to bring the character to life with so much ease, and despite being from australia he pulls of the british accent with ease. The fighting scenes are the stand out point for this film as they are truly awesome, the CGI brings its all to live. Thors Hammer plays a vital role in this film as its Thors strongest Asset. And at the beginning of the film you see why. When battling the ice giants he practically walks round them knocking each one to the ground.


The story of Thor though is much deeper. At points you really feel for him when he loses his powers and is banished from his realm. He is sent to earth where he arrives only to be hit by a car driven by Jade Foster (Natalie Portman). The film really kick starts when jade and her scientific companions discover that they actually hit What they believe to be Thor. The journey takes them to new heights and at the end of the film Jade, who has long believed in life on other planets, gets the chance to discover a whole new realm of the universe. In the midst of all of this storyline there is another storyline. Loki, son of Odin and brother to thor, becomes increasingly jealous before Thor is banished and forces thor to commit an act that would mean certain banishment. After Thor is banished from his realm Loki does all he can to become the next King to the throne. There is only one problem. Loki is infact son of the king of the ice giants, adopted by Odin after the last great war. Having Loki as king would mean (in Odin’s eyes) that there would be peace throughout the galaxy. However, when Loki discovers that he is infact Ice Giant descendant he loses it and instead plans to rule the galaxy by bringing Ice giants into Odin’s realm to kill him as he sleeps. Its up to Thor, with the help of jade, to get back to the realm to defeat the ice giants and banish Loki from the Realm.


We highly recommend this film and with the second one due for release very soon we expect that there will be very much the same enjoyable experience.


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