Steve Jobs was one of the most well known and successful computer engineers of the 21st century.  His work created a war between his company (Apple) and Microsoft. His work also generated some firsts in technology such as the Ipod which has now become its own selling point and The Macintosh computer.


Jobs is a film about steve Jobs life. It celebrates everything that was great about him but also brings out the things that people hated him for. The film starts at the beginning by introducing you to the reason behind Steve’s love for computers and why he wanted to make the computer more of a way of life. The film goes on to showcase the first macintosh computer, the first Ipod and the first Iphone, along with many other technical innovations It ends by celebrating his death when steve sadly passed away in 2011.


Steve Jobs is played by Ashton Kutcher who is widely known for his roles in The Butterfly Effect, Cheaper By The Dozen and Dude Wheres My Car??. Although it seems like Ashton is very much a young and juvenile actor he plays the role of Jobs perfectly well. He is hyper when he needs to be and calm and focused when the right time arrives. There are points in the film when his acting really brings home to feeling of Steve jobs. However, Co-founder Steve Wozniak states that the film is very inaccurate and that the film escorts people the wrong way into thinking that Steve was not as go getting in the early stages of of his life. Wozniak says that although he didn’t know jobs for a quite a few years, when he did meet him it was a realisation.


The film is standard length and its most definitely a brilliant watch. We admit there probably some hollywood embellishments but at the end of the day that can only make things a little more exciting.

Go watch this brilliant Film.





This Is The End

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Remember Pineapple Express ?

I think we all can remember the outrageous american comedy that stars, the likes of James Franco, Seth Rogan, Danny Mcbride and Craig Robinson. Well they are back. Only they are not. This time they play as themselves in the funniest comedy of the year, This Is The End.

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This Is The End is the classic apocalypse film doused with plenty laugh-out loud comedy. Starring other stars such as Michael Cera, Jonah Hill, Emma Watson and even Rihanna this bizarre comedy is a totally different outlook on the apocalypse film genre.

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Faced with the End of The World our main characters assume that because they are huge stars they will get rescued so grabbing what supplies they can they stay indoors boarding themselves up and passing the time by making their own version of Pineapple Express 2. After a while though things change, they realise they have most likely been forgotten and then realise they have only a bottle of water, drugs, a milky way and other small items of irrelevant use. It gets worse when Emma Watson Breaks in threatens them all and takes all of their supplies. This amongst other shenanigans makes this film a one off laugh-out-loud comedy/apocalypse/survival film. The plot is well designed and hits the right chords at the right time and the acting is pure gold. I truly Believe that with the added extra of some nice looking girls this film is actual a great film to go and watch.

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The way that the directors have planned this is so that at first you see the stars playing as over exaggerated personas of themselves. This we think is clever in that no other film has really done this before. The film carries on in the same fashion and creates laughable scenarios along the way.

this is2

Although it seems it this film isn’t so much of a spoof. Its got seriousness to it and underpinned loyalty to the fans of films like Pineapple express. All we would say is don’t be expecting a Pineapple Express 2 style film. We always thought it would be hard to create a follow up to that film but with This Is The End they have most definitely surpassed pineapple express in terms of funniness.

Go Watch this film we guarantee that you will not regret it.





Scott Pilgrim Vs The World


Scott Pilgrim VS The World is a fictional comedy written by writer Edgar Wright. It stars Michael Cera as Scott Pilgrim, A 20 something young man with no aspirations, a mediocre love life and lives in a studio flat with his gay friend Wallace. Scotts life is as it should be. He’s in his own band (sex-bom-omb) with his friend and main talent Steven and his ex girlfriend, Kim, as the drummer. Scotts love life isn’t exactly great, He is trying to get over from his ex-girlfriend, Envy, he does this by dating a 17 year old catholic chinese girl called Knives Chau (really he should have just booked an Escort). The film takes Scott on a journey that will test him and make him release he is more than he really is. While dating Knifes he meets Ramona. Ramona is hard to get and thats what drags scott in. He loses all care for knives as he falls madly in love with ramona.


What scott does not release though is that Ramona has a tattered past, she has many Ex partners and for Scott to be with ramona he has to do one thing. He has to defeat Ramona’s Seven 7 evil Exes. A task that as it turns out is harder than he thinks. Defeating them one by one Scott trys to prove to ramona that he is worth it. Its not easy though. He must fight hard and at times he requires help from Ramona and his band to defeat them all.


The film isn’t your average film as it has many unique parts to it. The main theme is that of a computer game which is drafted in to the film extremely well. From small things like coins for defeating the Exes to full on fights with swords and monsters. The film has it all.


Without spoiling the film too much we recommend picking this up and watching it, The film is pleasantly surprising and has many great signature moments in the film. All we say is watch it and enjoy it.


The Wolverine Review


The Wolverine is the latest hit cult film brought from the X men series. Wolverine is probably one of the most inspired characters from the series, and this is why there have been so many films about him. Hugh Jackman has portrayed the clawed hero for many years.  Now at his acting peak we believe that this film is not only the best action packed Wolverine film that he has been in we also think that it is his best acting performance so far as The Wolverine. You get the sense of depth in his acting and you really begin to understand the origins of him.


The latest film is set back in japan at the time of the nagasaki Bomb drop which killed hundreds of thousands of japanese citizens as well many POWs. Wolverine has been held captive in the POW camp for sometime. But when the bomb is dropped he is set free by a guard and in return saves the guards life. He then awakes. It was all a dream in front of him is his loving companion, “was it all a dream?” he asks. They hug. As they hug wolverine realises that his claws have pierced his companions stomach and she is bleeding. He screams for help. Then suddenly he awakes. He was in a dream within a dream. This is when we realise that wolverine is homeless, running and alone. He has left everything behind. His life has been absorbed by drink and a life of love and loss. Its only when a young red haired japanese girl steps in that his life takes a turn. She tells him that the man he saved in the POW camp all those years ago was still alive but was dieing. He wants to see Logan (Hugh Jackman) before he dies. This takes him on a journey that will rekindle his spirits and make him fight with his biggest fears and frightening past.


The story is one of woes but as though it seems it. it is not a love film. Its an action film full of blood, gore and some of the best fight scenes in any wolverine film we have seen in a long while.

Its definitely a return to form for X men based cinema. Watch it and see what we mean. We guarantee that you won’t regret it.





Shaun of the Dead Review


Pegg and Frost. What first come to mind when u think of these two brilliant actors ?. Maybe you have never heard of these two guys before. If so where have you been!!! ??


Simon Pegg is obviously well known for his hilarious comedy show, Spaced in which he plays Tim Bisley, a middle aged man with a normal everyday life. He shares a flat with flat mate Daisy Steiner (Jessica Hynes). The comedy show also included Nick Frost who plays Mike Watt, a Man stuck in the world of combat and war constantly reminiscing about wars that he has never been in. This show sets the staple for a great movie 


In comes Edgar Wright, Director and Producer of big cult films such as Scott Pilgrim Vs the world and St Bernard’s Stately Homes. Wright also worked on Spaced with Pegg and Frost. Heading into 2004 the trio began writing there first big film. Shaun of the Dead. Now a cult classic we look back at what made this film such a hit.


Shaun (pegg) is a middle aged man. He hold a simple job at a Tv and Hardware store. He lives with his partner in crime Edgar (frost) and has a daily routine which always ends up taking him to his favorite pub, “The Winchester”. Liz is Shauns loyal and forgiving girlfriend, sadly she has had enough of the daily routine that takes her and shaun to the same pub day after day. So the movie begins on a typically british note. Shaun loses his girlfriend receives no respect from his colleges at work and plods along everyday life not really aspiring to be anything. That is of course until his world is turned on its head. A zombie apocalypse has come to London and at first Shaun doesn’t seem at all fazed with it. In fact he gets up to go to work and heads to the shop for a cornetto for Ed not realising that the world around him has altered dramatically. So Things are not going well for shaun. Yet he doesn’t know it.


However the time has come for shaun to prove his worth. Armed with a Cricket Bat and with Ed by his side, shaun goes out of his way to defeat the odds and survive a zombie apocalypse, in the process shaun must save and Escort    his Ex girlfriend and rescue his mother and the step-father he hates to a safe place choosing the only place he knows. The Winchester. But as serious as this all sounds Wright, Pegg and Frost have managed to create the apocalypse style genre with an outright laughable british sense of humour. Built from the ground up this film has signs of dramatic improvement from Pegg An frost in their acting ability. Its certainly a film that will have you laughing right until the very end. After all its only A zombie apocalypse.


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